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August 18, 2009 Emiliana Torrini Show featuring Siggi

einar and me - May 19, 2006 Cafe DuNord - San Francisco

May 19, 2006 Ghostigital show

See Finnur Thorgeirsson's FaNtAsTiC photoshoot of the reunion show Click Here  

An Icelandic paper review of the show with words and photo's Click Here

From the beginning: The SugarCubes ( Sykurmolarnir) were the hottest band to come out of Iceland in the 1980's. The band formed June 8th, 1986 from a previous band KUKL (witch in Icelandic). Their debut album Life's Too Good (April 11, 1988) was a smash hit in both England and here in the USA. There is not one bad cut on the entire recording. If you are new to the Sugar Cubes this would make an excellent primer. Their second release Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! (October, 1989) was not as exciting as their first release, but is still a good buy for any Cubes fan. This recording has more vocals sung by Einar Orn, while he does take a bit to get use to, his voice is fantastic once you are attuned. Also released in October 1989 was an Icelandic language only album titled Illur Arfur. There was lull in recording for a few years while the group was touring the world, but February 1992 gave us Stick Around For Joy an all English sung recording created in Bearsville, New York, BTW, this is a must add to your collection! October 1992 gave us my least favorite recording It's-It. This recording was a giant remix of hits badly done. This was the hardest one for me to locate and was only listened to once. The SugarCubes disbanded in 1993. Oddly enough 1998 gave us The Great Crossover Potential, basically a best-of without being titled one, regardless this is a good CD to get!

If you would like to see the SUGARCUBES live, then check out the many on-line video's in and about the WWW. If you want one for your very own, get to e-bay and search for LIVE ZABOR. I have to be honest with ya, I fell in love with Bjorks voice first and then found out about the Cubes. Overall I like the Sugarcubes better because of their energy. There isn't a day that goes by without me listening to at least one sugarcubes tune. As you can see from the new banner below, the once complied, then lost, then found again collection of Sugarcubes video's has been released! If you click on the banner you will be taken to ONE LITTLE INDIAN SHOP to purchase the DVD. It cost me around 17 Pounds British Sterling. Please let them know that I sent you there. While you're looking at the video's, scan the bottom of the text. Parts of COLD SWEAT were banned in England because of the nudity, and those sceens were replaced by clips of chimps.For some bizarre reason they did not like a belly button to be shown! COLD SWEAT was also originally called HOT MEAT, but the name was changed by an un-named vegetarian in the group. I have been awaiting this DVD since I got to see the original Icelandic video's at the Lobster or Fame exhibit last year (click on the link below to see it for yourself). Grab this dvd now!


P.S. Thanks to Siggi for corrections on this page. October 26, 2005



Band Members:

Bj÷rk Gu˛mundsdˇttir - ( November 21, 1965 - Reykjavik, Iceland) Vocals

Einar Írn Benediktsson - ( October 29, 1962 - Iceland) Vocals & Trumpet

Fri˛rik Erlingson - Guitar

Einar Melax - Organ

Margaret "Magga" Írnolfsdˇttir - ( November 21, 1962 - Iceland) Organ  (played on 2nd and 3rd recordings)

Thˇr Eldon - ( June 2, 1962 - Iceland) Guitar

Sigtryggur "Siggi" Baldursson - ( October 2, 1962) Drums

Bragi Ílafsson - ( August 11, 1962 - Iceland) Bass


Exclusive photo's from Icelandic photographer Sveinbj÷rn Ďlafsson:


Music Video's:



Motor Crash on SNL


Reunion - Birthday in Icelandic

1989 interview



Sweet Jane demo tape

Dancing Queen mp3

Lyrics: Search for any related Sugarcubes CD's via my link from

Life's too good   

Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week  

 Stick around for joy    

Here is a photo of Bragi, taken by Icelandic photographer Svenni during a poetry reading at the IDA book store in Reykjavik - November 2005.

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DIALOG with STEINTRYGGUR - Siggi's newest release


Sugarcubes Avatar's



Checkout the LOBSTER OR FAME exhibit in Reykjavik, Iceland


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