The Bee



Who is it?,

Who'll get the sting,

Who'll get the stripes, Black and yellow,

A dangerous creature,

Chattering wings, Flashing antennae,

Who is it? 

It buzzes fine, The bee,

Buzzes fine, stings deep.


I play a frightened little game

I eject myself at scary speed

In front of cars and I go yeaah!


She is it,

She's got the sting,

She's dangerous,

She stings,

He gets stung,

He is out,

She gets the honey,

She is it.


She flies great, The bee,

Flies great, stings deep.


The cars freeze from fright,

When they see my beautiful body and tongue

Then I speed away

No one catches me.

I'm the fastest bee in town.


Oh, hot bee, Queen of heaven,

With glossy trunk,

Buzz to me, I want to be stung, I want to be out,

Here is the honey, You're it.

It stings deep - the bee Stings deep!

Oh, the bee! It stings deep, kills fast!


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