Cowboy, cowboy, in the big town

I'm a cowboy in the big town I'm looking for my pony

A mans best friend is his pony

Aaah! I'm a cowboy Aaah, cowboy!

I need my pony I lost my pony In the big town I'm a cowboy in the big city

Looking for my pony I'm a cowboy X3 I'm not alone

Not lonely Not alone Not lonely I'm a cowboy

I'm stuck like A cowboy In the big city


And he affects me

The odour of his skin, oh It works in my head

I wanna eat him I wanna be in him


I'm a cowboy

Smelt like I sat in In a tine-mine

Nose is struck In the back My back is struck

But who knows I am I am a Cowboy! Cowboy!

On the second floor On a brass bed In a big city I found my pony

But I paid a prize I got a silver-bullet Through my heart

I'm a were-cowboy I am a were-cowboy

A weeere Weeere-cowboy A were-cowboy Were-cowboy Weeere-cowboy

I am a were-cowboy Cowboy!

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