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My thanks go out to Ólafur J. Engilbertsson the exhibits designer for photo discription corrections!

The exhibit is now located in Laugavegur 59, center of Reykjavík, together with a new Bad Taste record store.

Updated 12/11/04

This exhibit was created for BAD TASTE by Ólafur J. Engilbertsson of Reykjavik Iceland. These items were only shown in two cities, first London and then Reykjavik. If you are a fan of the Sugarcubes (as I am), then you can guess how happy I was to be in Iceland while this exhibit was on display. The entry fee was kr.500 (about $6.50 US), and on Mondays there is no entry fee.

The museum displaying the exhibit did not have a poster displayed outside to tell anyone that the exhibit was even there, but most of Iceland is like that. The exhibit itself was in a very long rectangular room with about 3-4 mid walls dividing off sections. Three large windows let in ample sunlight to the mostly tastefully done concrete walls. Many items were behind glass, but some outfits were on display out in the open. Many of the wall posters were hung on the walls rather poorly, some teens were picking at one poster and managed to remove it. Not all items were focused on the Sugarcubes or Bjork but covered all of what BAD TASTE has to offer.

Included in my web page are 48 pictures of the exhibit and 1 picture of the gallery. Please feel free to use any of my pictures, but then please also give me credit if you use them on your site, or at least link back to this page. All pictures (excluding the 2 at the top of the page) were taken by me with my Olympus 300 digital camera. I really did enjoy this exhibit and I hope you will enjoy my photos. I will attempt to explain what pictures I can. Just click on thumbnail to view the full photo. Enjoy!




There is a small display with two long boxes covered with glass, one contains Sugarcubes stuff and the other box does not. The photos on the wall are a collage of promotional posters and album covers. I did forget to retake one picture, and that was in this area. Before the two long glass covered cases was a two sided rack with CD jackets of all of the music that BAD TASTE helped introduce to the world. If you have a picture of those items please pass them my way and I will add them and give you the credit.




These posters decorated all of the walls and partitions of the exhibit. They all were about 3 foot by 6 foot in size. They all had explanations in both Icelandic and English.




The first partition had some mixed BAD TASTE items with a sweater worn by Braggi.




This area had some exceptional Sugarcubes stuff! The first picture gives you the overall view of what this part looked like. The second and third shots are loose photos of never seen before pictures. The fourth and fifth shots were backstage passes and some promotional items. The sixth shot is the right side of the case. The seventh and eighth shots are closeups of some neat items including Einars trumpet, Sugarcubes bubble bath, a tour tee shirt, more tour passes and a photo book of the members on tour. The ninth shot was hard to get! It is Einars hat, bat belt and leather pants he used on tour. The last two photos go together. The paper I tried to focus on is an entry form into Canada. What was special about it was it had all of the groups birth dates and birthplaces on it.




My favorite section by far! This is the dress that Bjork wore on her Live in Cambridge tour. You can see how this dress was beat after all the prancing and dancing she does. The fourth shot were items from her Family Tree cd. The last shot shows an apple iMac with pictures from the artist who did the album graphics. My wife listened to the supplied headphones and said it sounded something like a hearing test!




This area was great! On the left side rear wall were outfits worn by Curver (still looks like Bjork's dress to me) and Siggi during shows of the Sugarcubes world tour. The last two shots are closeups of each. In the room was a long couch and two arm chairs where anyone could sit down and watch a rather lengthy DVD of Icelandic TV shows about the Sugarcubes and Bjork. I watched this video for well over two hours within a two day period and got to see alternative videos I had never seen before for Deus, cold sweat/hot meat, and one other that escapes me at the moment. The first three shots were taken from the DVD which was being shown on a large plasma screen monitor.




The first shot is that of the suit worn in the Regina video. The other shots show you the costumes displayed in all three windows. The last shot shows the first (on the right) and the second windows. The first window had a mannequin that wore a proposed national Icelandic outfit summitted by BAD TASTE. The DVD explained that BAD TASTE had entered a contest on national Icelandic TV. The channel was looking for a new national outfit. Of course Einar wore the outfit on the show and said something to this effect "This tee shirt has a wool pattern on it and does not make you itchy. Also it is not expensive so all Icelanders could afford it." The outfit consisted of a white cotton tee shirt with blue sweater like patterns silk screened on front, it also included a blue baseball cap sporting a long white flap (about a foot long) in the back of the cap. Einar was a rip when talking about this outfit on the show. The middle window had another mannequin wearing a bunny suite holding a guitar, this I now know was another outfit worn by Curver . The rear window had a pink dress in it that Siggi wore to Icelands first drag show hosted by BAD TASTE in 1990. There were cards below each display, but they give no hint about what they were. These cards where in Icelandic and said very little.

I hope that you have enjoyed these pictures as much as I had enjoyed visiting the exhibit. If you have any corrections, or have something to share please use the feedback link or for private messages the email link below. Please take the time to visit my other sites too! And by all means visit Iceland now!


8-12-03 UpDaTe!!! The show may go on tour so contact BAD TASTE and let them know you want the exhibit to come to your area.

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