Riding on my bicycle I saw a motorcrash

A proper motorcrash lots of spectators

I rushed to the center saw the injured parents cuts on the children an awful motorcrash

So dangerous motorcrash so terribly bloody

Motorcrash destructive motorcrash

I took the mother sneaked with her secretly all the way to my home and nursed her gently

I put on her bandages, gave her milk and biscuits

She sighed pleasantly after this awful motorcrash

So dangerous, dangerous Motorcrash motrocrash Destructive motorcrash

Einar: (dressed as a motorcycle police officer in the video)

That girl on that bicycle Showed great interest in all the motorcrashes in the neighbourhood

She looked quite innocent


Then we disguised ourselves took a taxi to her home

When her husband answered the door she introduced herself

He said "Where have you been all this time?"


Believe you-me I know what inoccent looks like

She showed great interest After she got that bicycle



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