Dear Plastic



Plastic - Nylon - Terylene

Made of atoms By tender fingers

And determined heads Of inventors

Tickling Perfection

Plastic - Rayon


I was born aeons ago

Before anything human was known

My friends the alchemists told me everything was natural

And always will be that way

And possible to make gold from dirt


Plastic - Nylon Dear plastic

Be proud Don't imitate anything

You're pure, pure, pure

Plastic - Nylon


 I believed I was their dustbin for knowledge

I took everything and digested

Of course I became big, big and really really strong

Today I'm old and withering away

My friends the alchemists long disappeared into dust

I no longer get anything fruity

No longer gold made from dirt

The only thing I get is spacefood on a tray


Woah! Plastic, plastic, plastic ...


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